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Cybersecurity Tools & Products

Protect your website, web server and web application against the increasing sophistication of hacker threats . Protect you business process.

Cyber Security

10 Steps

Defining and communicating Risk Regime is central to your organisation’s overall cyber
security strategy. SecureyourIT recommends you review your status – together with the
nine associated security areas described below, in order to protect your business
against the majority of cyber attacks. Book A risk Assessment

SLA (Service Level agreement Sample)

Cyber Security Doc Sample

Protect your networks from attack.  Defend the network perimeter, filter out unauthorised access and  malicious content. Monitor  
and test security controls.  

Produce user security policies covering acceptable and secure  
use of your systems. Include  in staff training. Maintain 

in staff training.

Produce relevant policies  and establish anti-malware 
defences across your  organisation.


Produce a policy to control all  access to removable media.
Limit media types and use. Scan all media for malware before importing onto the corporate system. 

pply security patches and ensure the  secure configuration of all systems is  maintained. Create a system inventory  and define a baseline build for all devices.

Managing user privileges

Establish effective management processes and limit the number of privileged accounts. Limit user privileges and monitor user activity. Control access to activity and audit logs.

Incident management

Establish an incident  response and disaster recovery capability.
Test your incident management plans. Provide specialist training. Report criminal incidents to  law enforcement. 

Establish a monitoring strategy and produce supporting policies. 
Continuously monitor all systems and networks. Analyse logs for unusual activity that could indicate an attack. 

Home and mobile working

Develop a mobile working policy and train staff to adhere to it. Apply the secure baseline  and build to all devices. Protect data both in transit and at rest.


​​​​​​​Set up your Risk Management Regime

Assess the risks to your organisation’s information and systems with the same vigour you would for legal, regulatory, financial or operational risks. To achieve  this, embed a Risk Management Regime across  your organisation.

Nord VPN Pass

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Recommed by Secure I.T

need help to install contact us. Wise to clean up you device also.

Nord VPN 

Recommed by Secure I.T

need help to install contact us. Wise to clean up you device also.

Business Home & Website Security Is Not A Choice

Compliance & GDPR

Ongoing cyber awareness training, bespoke gdpr gusidence and set up for you company and webesite.

24/7 Live Assistance

Via 24/7 monitoring, we collect and analyze terabytes of attack data, billions of bot requests, and hundreds of millions of IP addresses to solidify your defenses and keep you informed.

Security awareness

Understand your cyber risk with a complete risk assessment of you business.

Database Security


Get real-time protection for business-critical databases from external, internal, and even intra-database exploits, all in a software-based offering.

App Security


Automatically crawl and assess web applications to identify vulnerabilities like SQL Injection, XSS, and CSRF.

Web Security

Secure testing provides a comprehensive performance platform for quickly validating and optimizing web and mobile user experience  from sophisticated internet bots.

Server Security


Protect your website, web server and web application against the increasing sophistication of hacker threats and performance issues that put organizations at risk.

Data Protection


Protect your hard disks with encryption backup plan and disaster recovery plans/

Security Analytics

We will review and advise on your I.T infrastructure, setting best practice & staff training including question & answer sessions.

Product Deployment 

Deploy, optimize, and manage your Secuirity products.