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I remember my scouting days and the scout moto a bheith ullamh

(be prepared) stands true today.

Preparation is key for an effective cyber-attack response.

Prevention is even better,unfortunally 100% seems an impossibility,    but limiting your risk with simple changes may suprise you, you at least have to get the basics right.

We can help you identify plan and action what is required for your organisation.

Get the basics right

Everyone needs to know what their role is & what  to do in the event of a cyber breach

Get your people comfortable with noticing and alerting IT teams

All your equipment needs to be managed from phones to laptops

Roles & premissions need to be defined & understood(who has access to what & why)

Understand what you are using & doing with your I.T including third party roles.

 Trust nobody, not even your own employees.

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Step-by-Step training courses what keep your skills sharp

Take your security skills to the next level with Secure Your I.T Education Program. We provide information about our training offerings, displays a complete training class catalog, and enables you to register for upcoming training classes.

Available training courses:

  • Staff GDPR Awareness
  • Staff Cyber Awareness
  • Managemant cyber Awareness

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September 25, 2019

Personal Cyber Insurance


In an effort to help individuals who have been the victim of cybercrimes, insurance providers announced it will now include Personal Cybercrime coverage in its insurance policies.

August 18, 2019

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Cybersecurity is a hot topic, not just in large enterprise and government organizations, but has now found its way to the kitchen table and is something we all have an opinion on.

August 5, 2019

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