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Cybersecurity Services

Protect your business and website applications against the increasing sophistication of hacker threats.

For your business risk assessment

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Security Solutions designed for your requirements

Secure your private or public network

From planning and strategy to full service support, our experts have you covered.


Technology that makes the cloud the most secure environment for business:

  • Check For Hazards
  • Install & Configure Software
  • Remote Support
  • Backup Solitions
  • Encryption
  • VPN 
  • Disater Planning
  • Recovery Plans


Step-by-Step training courses what keep your skills sharp

Take your security skills to the next level with Secure Your I.T Education Program. We provide information about our training offerings, displays a complete training class catalog, and enables you to register for upcoming training classes.

Available training courses:

  • Staff GDPR Awareness
  • Staff Cyber Awareness
  • Managemant cyber Awareness

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Custom & Branded Solutions

For Any of your requirements,upgrade & improve what you have or add new solutions with expert help & advice.

Digital Strategy

dentify business and digital goals for the short, mid and long term

Identify the key performance indicators that will drive success

Collate and brainstorm tactics (activities & projects) that will drive these KPIs and goals to success

Prioritise the activities & projects based on cost and impact

Build a thematic high-level plan

Create a visual time-based roadmap

Digital Roadmap

Having a comprehensive, flexible roadmap in place is key to making sure that your digital initiatives deliver impact against your strategic goals.

A digital roadmap is a high-level document that outlines what your business wants to achieve, identifying some digital initiatives that can help you get there. 

It provides a blueprint for action that aligns your digital initiatives with short- and longer-term business objectives. Ultimately, digital roadmap development is about enabling your organisation to convert the business vision into a realistic action plan that negotiates risk and ensures that digital initiatives deliver ROI.  

We are experienced professionals ready to share and guide you true all your I.T Requirments and bring innovation to your business, be your request in a form, on email, a ticket or a phone call... We have a team of professionals who will consult you regarding your requirements, Hope you enjoy your experience with us.

Give security operations and IT teams the data to decide which infrastructure vulnerabilities they should remediate.Empower your application security, development, and DevOps teams to accurately assess, track, and prioritize application vulnerabilities by risk


Support when you need it.


SecureIT networks of partners, clients, remote offices, wireless LANs, vendors and the internet, have created multiple avenues for attackers to infiltrate. Businesses need to proactively identify security gaps that could be exploited by external and internal attacks. By utilising SecureITs experts, testing is conducted in a controlled environment, without compromising routine business activities. So that issues, including identifying existing and potential vulnerabilities, are addressed.

With a discussion, question and answer session with your team, we will provide a complete business I.T solution from specing the correct equipment to installation and setup.



Risk Management

We use a discliplined process to advise on your potentional risk with a full report provided. We complete a site survey & advise where you need to improve your I.T security. Are you within the data protection guidelines GDPR. Do you have an I.T  security policy.


Software Upgrades

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Security Awareness Training & GDPR

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IT Security Services

Risk assessments


IT Consultancy

SecureI.T provides comperhensive professional IT security services to business in Ireland. Our experienced security consultants can help you with a wide range of requirements, to assist your internal IT team or your managed services provider. We can also provide these services to you business, i.e you you currently have no I.T team we will organise one for you. Our approach is to deliver an honest proactive appraisal of your current I.T security situation & risk assessment. Supplying you a solutions & recommendations that suits your business & budgets.

IT Security Policies & GDPR 

SecureIT provides access to a wide range of ICT facilities and services to all of our customers. 

FOr your Legal Data protection Issues we recommend 

RNL Solicitors: Keeping the Legal Process Simple

Security Training

Security awareness training is an important part of IT Security. The presentations and resources on this page will provide you with information to help keep your information and devices protected.

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I remember my scouting days and the scout moto a bheith ullamh

(be prepared) stands true today.

Preparation is key for an effective cyber-attack response.

Prevention is even better,unfortunally 100% seems an impossibility,    but limiting your risk with simple changes may suprise you, you at least have to get the basics right.

We can help you identify plan and action what is required for your organisation.

Get the basics right

Everyone needs to know what their role is & what  to do in the event of a cyber breach

Get your people comfortable with noticing and alerting IT teams

All your equipment needs to be managed from phones to laptops

Roles & premissions need to be defined & understood(who has access to what & why)

Understand what you are using & doing with your I.T including third party roles.

 Trust nobody, not even your own employees.

For detailed information about the certification program, please Contact Us  

Financial Services Security

Protect your client's assets with custom cyber security solutions

The financial services industry remains among the most targeted industrial sectors. From banks to brokerages, threat actors target financial institutions to steal your employee, customer and business data. Leveraging new cloud security, machine learning, and user behavior monitoring technologies, Shield Company is working to drive security integration, simplification, and streamlined management for financial services firms of all sizes.


Shield solution for financial services security:

  • Email security
  • Cloud security
  • User behavior analytics
  • Simplified and flexible management
  • Data protected and GDPR

Disaster Recovery Services

What is disaster recovery

Disaster recovery (DR) won’t work without backup. DR includes the most recent copies of data and processing capabilities in a platform that delivers automated availability of your clients’ most critical data, systems, and applications. It ensures that interdependent processes are recovered in the correct order, restored to the correct recovery point, and in the right time.

  • Minimize the impact of any disaster
  • Ensure continuous employee productivity
  • Become far more cost-effective
  • Reduce downtime of operations
  • Reduce liability obligationsliability obligations
  • Meet compliance and regulatory requests from your clients’ financial, legal, and health industries
  • Access instant recovery
  • Reduce potential financial losses
  • Minimize the risk of negative exposure
  • Facilitate crisis management

For Professional Webdesign & Marketing

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Protect your website, web server and web application against the increasing sophistication of hacker threats


Your cyber security is worth a chat .

Product Deployment 

Deploy, optimize, and manage your Secure I.T products.