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SecureYourIT Solutions For Security-

Conscious Organizations


Learn how to address specific security needs within your industry & company.

Disaster Recovery Services

What is disaster recovery

Disaster recovery (DR) won’t work without backup. DR includes the most recent copies of data and processing capabilities in a platform that delivers automated availability of your clients’ most critical data, systems, and applications. It ensures that interdependent processes are recovered in the correct order, restored to the correct recovery point, and in the right time.

  • Minimize the impact of any disaster
  • Ensure continuous employee productivity
  • Become far more cost-effective
  • Reduce downtime of operations
  • Reduce liability obligationsliability obligations
  • Meet compliance and regulatory requests from your clients’ financial, legal, and health industries
  • Access instant recovery
  • Reduce potential financial losses
  • Minimize the risk of negative exposure
  • Facilitate crisis management

Cloud Security

Secure your private or public cloud & business processes with Serure Your I.T

Cloud security is essential for the many users who are concerned about the safety of the data they store in the cloud. They believe their data is safer on their own local servers where they feel they have more control over the data. But data stored in the cloud may actually be more secure because cloud service providers have superior security measures and their employees are security experts. As the most scalable cloud security platform, Shield provides defense in depth with our adaptive threat protection, helping you evolve toward a zero trust architecture and protecting you from the largest and most sophisticated attacks.


Technology that makes the cloud the most secure environment for business:

  • Credential misuse detection
  • Geo-infeasibility detection
  • Cloud intelligence
  • Cloud configuration analytics
  • VPN compromised account detection