Secureyourit is a security audit tool that can tell you how safe your I.T is. Answer some simple questions and compare your results to industry standards.


Cyber Security Consultation

I remember my scouting days and the scout motto a "bheith ullamh" (be prepared) still stands true today. Preparation is key for an effective cyber-attack response. Prevention is even better, some simple changes will make a major difference and will suprise you by how much you reduce your risk, you at least have to get the basics right. We can help you identify plan and action what is required for your organisation.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The size of your buineess will factor in, but an initial meeting can be as quick as 1 hour and a report generated for you detailing advice and current setup.
Yes we also have access to all required expertise. We artnet with Dell MS and Malwarebytes.